Dr. Key has been in practice since 1994 offering Family-oriented chiropractic care to all ages. We use the latest technology to provide you and your family with modern, cutting-edge health care, while sharing natural healing solutions free from medications and surgery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of families and individuals living wellness lifestyles and achieving optimum health goals.
We realize that people in our clinic have the potential to be healthier than those outside our doors. We want everyone in our community to be informed about their health, wellness and how chiropractic can help achieve your goals. Proper nervous system function is imperative to creating a healthier community.

Offering Wellness to Your Family

We help people of all ages. Many of the kids we see struggle with learning and focus disorders, while others are here for regular check-ups that help them maintain health. Chiropractic is truly for all ages, from newborn to older, all can have their lifestyles benefitted.